01 April 2020

01/04/2020 Zoom classes online from my living room

Class #1233
Artemis BJJ (my living room), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 01/04/2020

A couple of weeks ago the govt changed their strategy and the UKBJJA advice therefore also changed. i therefore temporarily shut both of the Artemis BJJ locations in order to follow that guidance: I won't open them back up again until the UKBJJA advice tells me to.

Instead, I've been teaching classes online from my living room, as fortunately I have both mats and I live with somebody willing to let me demonstrate on them. Zoom has been pretty good so far as a method for teaching, both group classes and private classes. However, as my demo partner doesn't like to be seen in public vids, I have only been uploading the full vids to the private Artemis BJJ member groups.

Still, I was able to get some clips, along with some solo drilling footage. I'm not sure I'll put up many posts while we're in lockdown, we'll see. For today at least, I'll embed that footage that I can, which are clips from a private lesson, plus some drills. :D

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