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01 January 2000

BJJ Blogger Map

[started 11/10/2010, last update 16/10/2010. The map itself is regularly updated]

Click here for a larger map, which you can then search, check directions and browse the list of bloggers. Click on the blue blobs to get more details about the blogger and their location.

This map was inspired by a comment on BJJ Grrl's blog: I love getting together and training with fellow bloggers (and indeed readers of blogs), and I'm sure lots of other bloggers do too (judging by my blog index, there are at least 400 of us out there). So, the intention of this map is the help the online BJJ community meet up and train in the real world.

So, if you're a BJJ blogger and you want to meet up to train with other bloggers (and/or blog readers), let me know your website, first name, club website and club address by contacting me. I can then stick you on the map.

Note that this is not meant to act as a general school directory: for that, I maintain a UK Club List, and there's a global directory here.


  1. Thank you so much for putting this together!

  2. No problem, and thank you for providing the original inspiration. ;)

  3. Hi Slidey,

    I had trouble e-mailing you, but add me to your blog map, I train with Fabio Santos in San Diego, CA USA.


  4. @Dag: Cool, that's where Caleb trains, isn't it? I've added you to the map, so let me know if any of the details need changing.

    What was the trouble with emailing, out of interest? Normally works fine, as I've had plenty of emails through my 'contact me' page before and since, but I may need to update if it isn't working properly for you. :)

    People can of course put up their details here in the comments, if they prefer. As long as you write a BJJ blog and want people to come visit you, it's all good.

  5. sorry for the late reply -- absolutely feel free to add me to the list. I am at Butch Hiles BJJ & MMA in Charleston, WV, USA.

  6. Cool - added you in there, so let me know if any of the details look wrong. :)

  7. Hey! How updated is this? Everything says last update was in 2010.... just wondering because I'm going to be traveling a bit this summer and this looks like an awesome way to find great people and academies and fellow bloggers! Thanks.

  8. Hi Meghan! Last update on the map was about a month ago, I think, for the place Georgette trains. It should be relatively accurate, but worth clicking through the links to the various blogs to check.

    I can highly recommend travelling around and meeting up with cool bloggers: I did that last year in Texas and it was AWESOME. Planning to do it again this year (on a smaller scale) then again in 2014 (on a larger scale! Yay!)

    Oh, and do you want to be added to the map yourself, by the way? Email me and I can stick you on there. :)

  9. That's fabulous! What luck that you guys thought of this, as it's amazing! And I'll shoot you an email, thanks!! (: