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This website is about Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). I'm a black belt who started in 2006, teaching and training at Artemis BJJ in Bristol, UK. All content ©Can Sönmez

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    Contact Me
    Training Background

^ Articles
    Treatment of Women in BJJ
    BJJ & Larger Women
    A Women's BJJ Class (1)
    A Women's BJJ Class (2)
    A Women's BJJ Class (3)
    A Women's BJJ Class (4)

    BJJ Schools - Size Matters
    BJJ Teams - Loyalty & Reason
    BJJ Belts - What's the Point?
    Training Partners
    Rise of Online BJJ
    The Dreaded Beast-Men

    BJJ & Homophobia
    Belt Whipping & Promotion Rituals
    Gi Fashion
    BJJ & Aggression
    A BJJ Christmas
    Ten Years of Blogging

    BJJ & Competition
    Submission Only: Beginnings
    BJJ in the Olympics
    No-Gi Worlds 2009 Stream
    ADCC 2011
    Relationship of BJJ & MMA

    History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    (Nov 1993) UFC I
    (Mar 1994) UFC II

Note: Most of the interviews I've conducted have been published in magazines, such as Jiu Jitsu Style, but I have a few others on, listed below. There are more over on the Artemis BJJ site too
    Romulo Barral on Teaching
    Romulo Barral on Competition
    Romulo Barral on Spider Guard & Injuries
    Romulo Barral on Instructionals & UK BJJ
    Romulo Barral on BJJ in the Olympics
    Mauricio Gomes on the Development of Competition
    Mauricio Gomes on Roger Gracie
    Mauricio Gomes on Teaching in the UK & Japan
    Mauricio Gomes on Belt Tests
    Carlos Lemos Jr on Judo & BJJ Competition
    Carlos Lemos Jr on the Original Gracie Barra Bristol
    Carlos Lemos Jr on the USA & Gracie Barra Ethos
    BJJ Grrl's Blog Beginnings
    BJJ Grrl Talks On/Offline Communities
    Val Worthington on Blogging & Forums
    Georgette Oden on Blogging & BJJ
    Georgette Oden on Rape Culture & Journalism

^ Resources & Spreadsheets
  Blog Index
  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Beginner FAQ
  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Glossary
  BJJ Technique Summary
  Forum Index
  Podcast Index
  Team Family Tree
  Training Index
  UK BJJ Club Map & Directory

^ Reviews
      (1991) Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Basics
      (1994) Renzo Gracie/Craig Kukuk
      (1996) Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Intermediate
      (1996) Pedro Carvalho Series 1
      (1998) Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Advanced
      (1999) Cesar Gracie
      (2004) Jiu Jitsu Revolution (Saulo)
      (2005) Cindy Omatsu
      (2006) Great Escapes
      (2007) Seminars: Year One
      (2007) Demian Maia
      (2008) Blue Belt Requirements
      (2008) Art of the Wristlock
      (2009) Gracie Combatives
      (2009) Purple Belt Requirements
      (2009) Paraestra Guard
      (2009) BJJ Spirits 6
      (2010) No Gi Essentials
      (2011) Best of Roy Harris
      (2011) The White Belt Bible
      (2012) Brown Belt Requirements
      (2012) 50 Common Mistakes to Avoid
      (2013) Black Belt Requirements
      (2014) Beyond Technique

      (2002) The Smashing Machine
      (2008) Renzo Gracie: Legacy

      (2001) BJJ: Theory & Technique
      (2003) Mastering Jujitsu
      (2005) The Guard
      (2006) Mastering the Rubber Guard
      (2006) BJJ: A Training Manual
      (2008) Strategic Guard
      (2008) Jiu Jitsu University
      (2008) Essential BJJ
      (2009) Passing the Guard (2nd ed.)
      (2011) Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques
      (2012) Jiu-Jitsu on the Brain
      (2012) Zen Jiu-Jitsu
      (2013) When The Fight Goes To The Ground
      (2014) The Black Belt Blueprint
      (2014) Mastering The Crucifix

      (1999) Angry White Pyjamas
      (2000) Watch My Back
      (2003) The Gracie Way
      (2004) The Godfather of Grappling (Gene LeBell)
      (2005) No Holds Barred (UK PB)
      (2007) The Last Wrestlers
      (2008) The Pyjama Game
      (2008) Total MMA
      (2012) Borrowing the Master's Bicycle
      (2015) The Combat Codes
      (2016) Becoming the Black Belt

    adidas 'Contest'
    adidas 'Response'
    BJJ Globetrotter 'Travel'
    Black Eagle Basico
    Black Eagle Judo Gi
    Black Eagle Predator
    Blitz Kokuba Judo Gi
    Datsusara Hemp HCG-02
    Datsusara Hemp HCG-03
    Elite Sports Ultra Light (guest review)
    Flow Kimonos Flow Hemp
    Flow Kimonos Pro Series 2.0
    Gimono BJJ Gi
    Gimono Grappling Gi
    Gorilla 'Hitman' Ripstop
    Kingz 550 Comp
    Kingz Ripstop
    Padilla & Sons Gold Weave
    Padilla & Sons Single Weave
    Padilla & Sons Ultra Light
    Phalanx FC 1st Lt
    Tatami Estilo Classic
    Tatami Nova
    Tatami Sub-Zero
    Tatami Zero G

    BJJ Library (Saulo & Xande Ribeiro) [May 2013]
    The Crucifix Building Blocks (Dave Jacobs) [May 2016]
    EstimaInAction (Braulio Estima) [Mar 2015]
    Flow Jitsu (Nic Gregoriades & Mike Bidwell) [Oct 2016] (Dan Lukehart) [Jan 2016]
    MGinAction (Marcelo Garcia) [Dec 2012]
    Micro BJJ: Becoming A Giant Killer [Aug 2012]
    Ninja Turtle (Nathan Leverton) [Oct 2014]
    Precise Pressure Passing (Digitsu) [Sep 2017] [Oct 2012]
    The Grapplers Guide (Jason Scully) [Sep 2008]

    Brute Shockwave Headgear
    Defense Soap
    Real Dope Pants (Datsusara)
    Q5 Amass Whey Premium Protein
    Zebra Home Training Roll Out Mat
    Z-String Gi Drawstring


      Ranked Rashguard (Fenom Kimonos)
      Gentle Chief (Gawakoto x 93 Brand)
      Berserkur & Ranked Rashguard (Odin Fightwear)

   --Spats/Grappling Tights
     Pony Club Grappling Gear 'Jessica' Unicorn Spats
     Strike Fightwear Mashuu 2.0
     Combat Warrior Tights
     Samurai in Combat Tights

^ Training
    Artemis BJJ
    Roger Gracie Academy HQ
    Roger Gracie Academy Kilburn
    Roger Gracie Academy High Wycombe
    Roger Gracie Academy Aylesbury
    Gracie Barra Birmingham
    Gracie Barra Bristol
    Nova Força
    Canley BJJ

    (05/08/2007) Bristol Open (Competed)
    (05/07/2015) Roll Models (Coaching)
    (13/09/2015) Hereford Open (Coaching)

    (24/07/2009) Poole BJJ Academy, Poole, UK
    (09/12/2009) BJJ School, London, UK
    (23/12/2010) Mill Hill BJJ, London, UK
    (23/12/2010) Mill Hill BJJ, London, UK
    (25/04/2011) Factory BJJ, Stockport, UK
    (27/04/2011) The BJJ Labs, Manchester, UK
    (31/08/2011) Gary Baker Academy, Bournemouth, UK
    (20/03/2012) Royce Gracie Scotland, Glasgow, UK
    (21/03/2012) Gracie Barra Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
    (19/11/2012) RCJ Machado, Dallas, TX, USA
    (20/11/2012) Team Cooper BJJ, Austin, TX, USA
    (24/11/2012) Raptor Jiu Jitsu, Austin, TX, USA
    (26/11/2012) Revolution Dojo, Houston, TX, USA
    (27/11/2012) Revolution Dojo, Houston, TX, USA
    (28/11/2012) Rilion Gracie Houston, TX, USA
    (02/02/2013) Chris Rees Academy, Swansea, UK
    (09/06/2013) Tatami Multi Arts, San Francisco, CA, USA
    (14/06/2013) Gracie Academy, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    (15/06/2013) Fabio Santos BJJ, San Diego, CA, USA
    (17/06/2013) University of Jiu Jitsu, San Diego, CA, USA
    (15/03/2014) Legacy BJJ, London, UK
    (18/04/2014) Olympus Fitness & Martial Arts, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
    (22/04/2014) Aces Jiu Jitsu Club, Austin, TX, USA
    (22/04/2014) Gracie Humaita, Austin, TX, USA
    (23/04/2014) University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA
    (28/04/2014) American Top Team, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
    (29/04/2014) Fabio Novaes BJJ, Lakeland, FL, USA
    (01/05/2014) Fabio Novaes BJJ, Lakeland, FL, USA
    (03/05/2014) Fabio Novaes BJJ, Lakeland, FL, USA
    (07/05/2016) Borehamwood BJJ, London, UK
    (07/05/2017) Borehamwood BJJ, London, UK
    (01/07/2017) Origin BJJ Noak Hill, London, UK
    (01/07/2017) Turnham Green BJJ, London, UK
    (02/10/2017) Absolute MMA St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
    (03/10/2017) Academy Jiu Jitsu, Melbourne, Australia
    (03/10/2017) Academy Jiu Jitsu, Melbourne, Australia

^  -Events
    (05/03/2005) Throwdown, Farnborough, Cyberkwoon
    (19/11/2005) Throwdown, Farnborough, Cyberkwoon & MAP
    (12/08/2006) Throwdown, Birmingham, Bullshido
    (09/12/2006) Throwdown, Brighton, Bullshido
    (26/05/2007) Throwdown, Birmingham, Bullshido
    (19/08/2007) Throwdown, Belfast, Bullshido
    (23/02/2008) Throwdown, Oxford, Bullshido
    (22/06/2008) Throwdown, Belfast, Bullshido
    (03/05/2009) Throwdown, Farnborough, Bullshido
    (24/04/2010) Throwdown, Southend, Bullshido
    (22/09/2012) GrappleThon, Bristol, Meningitis UK
    (21/11/2012) Throwdown, Austin, USA, Bullshido
    (04/05/2013) GrappleThon, Bristol, RapeCrisis
    (12/04/2014) GrappleThon, Bristol, Kinergy
    (18/08/2014) GrappleThon, Congleton, Donna Louise Trust
    (07/03/2015) GrappleThon, Bristol, Equality Now
    (25/10/2015) GrappleThon, Bristol, Terere's Kids' Project
    (27/03/2016) GrappleThon, Bristol, One25
    (10/04/2016) GrappleThon, London, One25
    (09/10/2016) GrappleThon, Bristol, RollForNichole
    (16/04/2017) GrappleThon, Bristol, SARSAS

^  -Seminars
    (21/06/2008) Victor Estima, Belfast, UK
    (25/07/2009) Roy Dean, Poole, UK
    (26/07/2009) Roy Dean, Poole, UK
    (22/05/2010) Roy Dean, Poole, UK
    (04/12/2010) Carlson Gracie Jr, London, UK
    (06/03/2011) Roger Gracie, Aylesbury, UK
    (08/05/2012) John B Will, Gloucester, UK
    (08/07/2012) Oli Geddes, Aylesbury, UK
    (30/09/2012) Nathan Leverton (LSG 04), Leicester, UK
    (12/11/2012) Roger Gracie, Bristol, UK
    (29/12/2012) Rolles Gracie Jr, Houston, TX, USA
    (24/03/2013) Nathan Leverton (LSG 03), Leicester, UK
    (24/08/2013) Michel Verhoeven, Sidcup, UK
    (03/11/2013) Rickson Gracie, Glasgow, UK
    (19/04/2014) Dave Jacobs, Chesapeake, VA, USA
    (10/05/2015) Super Seminar with Yas, Leoni, Gret & Vanessa, Nottingham, UK
    (13/08/2015) BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp 2015, Leuven, Belgium
    (04/10/2015) Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner, Bristol, UK
    (31/01/2016) Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner, Bristol, UK
    (16/04/2016) Jamie Hughes, Bristol, UK
    (24/07/2016) Ana Yagues, Bristol, UK
    (10/10/2016) Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner, Bristol, UK
    (18/12/2016) Neil Owen, Bristol, UK
    (19/03/2017) Neil Owen, Bristol, UK
    (09/04/2017) Gret Zoeller, Bristol, UK

^  -Teaching
    Mount (Escaping), (Maintaining), (Attacking)
    Back Mount (Escaping), (Maintaining), (Attacking)
    Side Control (Escaping), (Maintaining), (Attacking)
    Closed Guard (Maintaining), (Attacking), (Passing)
    Open Guard (Maintaining), (Attacking), (Passing)
    Half Guard (Maintaining), (Attacking), (Passing)

    Jeet Kune Do
    Kempo Ju Jitsu
    Mixed Martial Arts
    Zhuan Shu Kuan

^ Travel
    Hong Kong

    New Zealand

    The Netherlands

 -North America
    United States

 -South America