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This website is about Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). I'm a black belt who started in 2006, teaching and training at Artemis BJJ in Bristol, UK. All content ©Can Sönmez

03 March 2004

Training Log: MMA

Goshin-Jutsu, (MMA), Kevin O'Hagan, Bristol, UK - 03/03/2004

Had my second class last night, which had a bit more groundwork, and some stuff on the clinch, which we didn't do last lesson.

Started off with the same warm-up as the other one, then we moved to some clinch work. First move was to go from a clinch to a guillotine, and the second was to simply lift the other person in preparation for slamming them. Before it got to the more complicated bit, we did a quick clinch exercise to warm up (its a bloody cold room!) - can't remember what Kevin called it, but it was that one where you both try and grab eachother round the waist scrabbling away at eachothers arms. Then came the more complicated bit for the previous two techniques, which now became go to a guillotine, then shoot back, take the guy down, go to side mount then round the back, sink in the hooks, push them flat onto the floor and finally a choke (still not too sure on the right terms for everthing, though...). The lift moved into a slam and then armlock. This time round I was going through techniques with a friendly guy called Rick rather than just my girlfriend.

Next we moved to practicing some groundwork techniques - armlock, kimura, triangle leg and triangle arm. Unfortunately on that armlock, I managed to hyperextend Rick's already @#%$ up elbow, causing him great pain, which made me feel like a right dick; hopefully he's ok.

That went into some free sparring on the ground (whats the MMA term for that?), which generally involved Rick strangling, squishing and generally making me tap out in various ways. Educational. Razz

Finally, a bit of stand-up pad work, with three combos - jab cross hook, jab cross knee and jab cross roundhouse, finishing with a quick stretch and then sitting in seiza while Kevin ran through club news.

Club Details

Club Name: Bristol Goshin Jutsu Combat Academy
Address: Lifestyles Fitness Centre, Clouds Hill Road, St George, Bristol
Zip/Postal Code: BS5 7LH
Country: United Kingdom

[Update: That site now seems to be down, so try here instead.]

Instructor: Kevin O'Hagan
Cost: £5 per session
Styles Taught: Combat ju jutsu, MMA*

MMA training times are Tuesday & Thursday 19:30-21:00, Sunday 10:30-12:00.

*I've only been to the MMA classes, so can only recommend that part of Kevin's syllabus. Check the website for further details on combat ju jutsu.

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