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25 September 2004

Training Log: MMA

(in September, I posted up this review of the gathering a few of us from Tung-Fu have in Heathrow, which generally gets referred to as 'Heathrow MMA', though it isn't technically a club and Colin insists he isn't technically an instructor...)

Heathrow Tung-Fu gatherings, (MMA), Colin Boylan, Isleworth, UK -24/09/04

I've been about 3 or 4 times now, at two different locations (though its normally the place in Isleworth). Getting there is a bit awkward (in my case, requiring a generous lift from Colin), and it also takes a while to get to Osterley from Blackfriars - this becomes more of a problem on the way back, as I then have to go all the way up to Amersham, meaning I get home rather late.

However, that is one of only two major negative points about the class (though its not quite an official 'class' just yet, more a gathering of like-minded individuals), the other being the low quality mats we have to put up with, which have virtually no traction and not a great deal of padding. Everything else about the class is well-suited to my goals in MMA.

The sessions are run by Colin, and it is usually attended by the same people, generally a very small number (the most I've seen is 6). The session begins with everyone warming themselves up, with basic flexibility exercises, or some people might pound one of the hanging bags a bit. After that, Colin leads us through a few warm-up drills - e.g., moving through various positions, like escaping scarf-hold into side-control, swivelling from being back mounted into the opponents full mount, passing the guard with varying levels of resistance, neck-bridging etc.

The main part of class is taken up with technique - last session, I asked Colin beforehand if we could work some leg subs, which we did, going through heel hooks, knee bars and achilles locks, followed by a look at subs from the guard. Colin will demonstrate on someone, then we'll work through the technique in pairs. After that, Colin will generally show a counter, and he finished by doing a quick recap of all the techniques.

The last part of the session is devoted to rolling, usually without strikes being thrown either standing or whilst grappling, though we did try adding them in last session on the ground to see the difference. Each spar goes for about a minute, then we either switch partners or two fresh people come on, depending on how knackered the previous pair are!

Its a shame I can't get down more often, due to the timing and distance, as its an enjoyable, informative class with an especially friendly atmosphere due to the way in which it came about (from various people on this forum wanting to meet up and share ideas). Will definitely be back down again, if only to pay Colin back for that fiver I lent...

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