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20 June 2006

20/06/2006 - ZSK

University of Warwick Zhuan Shu Kuan (ZSK), Rod Richardson, Coventry, UK – 20/06/2006

Turns out class was on this week, and a fairly fitness intensive class at that. Hurrying from a meeting (which fortunately didn’t run over), I made it to the sports centre expecting almost no-one to turn up given the confusion as to whether this session was running or not. I was greeted by the sight of three people, so assumed that would be it for today.

I ran the warm-up again, but this time knew Rod would be along later. Having chatted to some of the guys after the last class, I decided to keep the warm-up a little shorter this time, and put in some more back stretches. We swiftly went through the usual exercises and stretches, then got on to padwork. As last week, I did the ‘alive’ padwork (although the people with pads still weren’t whacking the striker enough!), moving on to the fitness drills (at this point Rod came in, warmed himself up, then ran through some grading stuff with one of the students while everyone else continued). Jab-cross for a minute or two, then front kick-turning kick for another few minutes, after which we switched legs.

That proved fairly tiring, as it was about 25 minutes of padwork all in all. Rod then took over, and told everyone to pad up for free-sparring, taking up the entirety of the remaining 40 minutes. I still felt my shoulder wasn’t quite up to that, and hadn’t brought any equipment anyway, so pounded the bag instead. However, clearly my cardio is way below standard, as I soon got knackered and found myself reduced to intermittent kicks. I also managed to do them wrong, busting my toes and shin as a result (nothing serious, though).

The main positive thing to come out of class for me was that Rod sounded like he was interested in attending the throwdown in August, and also planned to hold holiday training on weekends. So, looking good for the months until term starts up again! Also, as my shoulder has improved quite a bit recently, I’m hoping to be ready for BJJ in the near future; I’ll give myself a dummy run at home over the next couple of weeks to see if it holds up.

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