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11 October 2006

10/10/2006 - ZSK

University of Warwick Zhuan Shu Kuan (ZSK), Rod Richardson, Coventry, UK – 10/10/2006

Yep, still failed to make it to BJJ. My excuse is that I got the beginner session days mixed up: for some reason, I thought it was on Mondays, but its actually late on Wednesdays, which I can’t make. Grr. However, I checked out the Gracie Barra London classes, which should be no problem to get to – bit pricier than the already expensive Birmingham classes, but hopefully can make enough in London to be able to go to the normal classes back in Brum.

I was slightly delayed by a meeting, so couldn’t get there as early as I’d like. Reason I want to get there well before class is so I can chat to freshers, when they’re still keen to talk – I’m hoping to make them comfortable and feel a part of the club so they’ll come out and drink afterwards. Didn’t manage it last year because I was away for most of it due to the injury, but this time I’m determined to put plenty of effort into getting the social thing going!

Rod was back today, though as usual Paddy took the warm-up. My shoulder was still ok going through the 60 press-ups, so definitely on the road to recovery – needs a bit more before I can go all out in padwork, though. Warm-up was same as usual – running round, press-ups, sit-ups, leg-raisers, facing in side step and facing out, then stretching the legs (touch alternate toes with fingers/knuckles/palms, head down to right/left knee, sink down on left/right with heel to the ground and opposite toes pointing to ceiling, box splits etc), arms (circling forward and back, crossing over with different leading hand each time, brushing the ears, etc) torso and neck.

Once Rod arrived, we moved on to a quick bit of linework (jab-cross combo, adding in hooks, uppercuts, leg kicks, turning kicks and front kicks) before spending the rest of the lesson on the pads. Paddy and I went off to the bag, due to my dodgy shoulder, and worked on jumping kicks for most of the lesson. Started with jumping back kick (accuracy is a real bitch on that one), then jumping turning, front kick and jumping knee (which I found a little awkward on the bag, as you end up bashing it while its against the wall) and finally a hook and elbow combo. I could only really put power in on the one arm, so not able to properly do that last one.

Still, the jumping kicks are always fun, if entirely impractical, and I think my left jumping turning kick was better than usual – actually getting a little power behind it rather than just slapping, which has happened in the past. Back kicks still woefully off target most of the time, especially my left jumping back kick, which I couldn’t get to hit with any power on the bag. Looks good kicking air, but that’s about it: not much use.

After class, a few of us went to the bar for drinks and chatting. It was only ‘core members’, though still great to talk. What I’m hoping for is freshers coming along too – will see how it goes later in the year, when people feel more part of the club. Must not repeat last years mistakes, though: I will be babbling at new people as much as possible this year!

Next week should be cool, as I’m hoping to get my girlfriend along again. That made me late last time, so will try to avoid that this time round. If I can get it to be a regular thing, that would be brilliant (not to mention we could do with more senior grades, even if she is a little out of practice). Her assistant at work was also interested, though I’m a bit concerned about her various medical conditions, though my gf tells me they haven’t been a prob recently. We’ll see: Rod is sensible, so its not like he’s going to force her to do anything if she’s having trouble.

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