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24 January 2007

23/01/2007 - ZSK

University of Warwick Zhuan Shu Kuan, (ZSK), Rod Richardson, Coventry, UK - 23/01/2007

Rod focused on forms today, running through the first form (Lo Han Chow) in meticulous detail. That unfortunately meant no pad work, although we did do some conditioning drills which also worked timing and distance. The first one was to face your partner, waiting for them to try and hit you with a turning kick to midsection. Before they could hit, you were supposed to throw a front kick of your front leg, knocking them off-balance – they would still make contact, but noticeably less than if you did nothing.

With freshly bruised up midsections, we then moved onto the second drill. This time, your partner aimed the turning kick low to your leg. In response, you were to lift that leg and draw it round to the side, then fire out a side kick into your partner’s midsection. In practice, this became a shot into your partner’s forearms, as they tended (at least I certainly did!) bring those in tight to defend themselves.

Finally, your partner throws a high kick to your head. Stepping out with your far leg and round, you twist to the side to block with your arms, then throw your own turning kick to hit them just above the knee.

We finished up with free sparring, where I tried to be a little more aggressive. I also need to be better at picking people off when they drop their guard. That’s good not only for me, but also for them – nothing reminds you to keep your guard up like a punch in the face.

Still, I don’t think I’m ever going to much good at stand-up sparring, as like I mentioned last week, I can only make Tuesdays. However, I have been enjoying the socialising – its great to have a chat to Rod and Paddy, and also to try and talk to the newer people. Unfortunately, I may have to drop off if my gf goes for the teaching abroad scheme she’s thinking about, which would probably be followed by some travelling. On the other hand, that period of moving away from Birmingham would give me a chance to train more frequently at Roger Gracie’s. Also, if all goes as planned, my gf would then return to uni in 2008/2009, meaning we could live in Leamington and get back into ZSK training. Ideally I’d get a transfer from work in London to Birmingham as well, but that’s unlikely.

Don’t think I got too bruised up from all the conditioning, so should be fine for training BJJ tomorrow. That niggling cramp in my left leg seems to have gone – still not quite sure what that was. Forgot to ask how the taster session went, but hopefully that will mean some new joiners in the near future. Rod won’t be here next week, so I’m assuming Paddy will take the whole class, or me if he isn’t about. Also, looks like Steven Seagal is coming to the Warwick Arts Centre next month with his band: somewhat bizarre.

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