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13 September 2010

13/09/2010 - BJJ (Basics)

Class #341
Gracie Barra Birmingham, (BJJ), Norby Nowak, Birmingham, UK – 13/09/2010

I thought I’d try something different tonight with my belt. Normally, I do the usual under the belt loopy thing, which tends to fall off under any kind of strain, so you’re doing it back up every ten minutes. The video I saw on the Grapplers Guide a while back (I’m sure its been posted elsewhere, but that’s where I first saw it) has several other options, I think from a judoka. The one I liked the look of was simply called ‘unbreakable’.

Easiest to watch the video (at 00:46), but to describe it: wrap your belt around your waist as normal, pulling one of the belt ends up underneath. Loop the other belt end over the top and behind, so it is dangling down. It will also leave a little loop around the main belt: feed the first belt end through. As you feed it, make sure you leave yet another loop, which is what you’ll pull the second belt end through. Took a little while to work out the right lengths so it wouldn’t look weird, but it was indeed unbreakable: didn’t even loosen during the two and a half hours of training.

Technique tonight shifted from sweeps to passing the butterfly guard. Again this is similar to what I saw Kev show at Wycombe, with a couple of differences. Start by staying low on them, your head in their stomach and elbows clamped to their hips. With the same side hand, pull out their lapel (easiest to go for the one on top). Yank it right out to the side, then quickly bring your elbow back in, so they can’t kimura you.

Feed the end of that lapel under their legs towards their bum, where your other hand is waiting. This may be more difficult if their gi is a bit short, in which case you might need to lean to the opposite side slightly to get the space. Be careful if you do that, as leaning too far will set them up for an easy sweep.

Once you’ve got that lapel, grab their gi with your free hand, on their side (which again will be the same side as the lapel you yanked loose). Still on the same side, kick your leg back, then bring your knee past their foot, so you end up with their leg trapped against your stomach.

You can now rotate your hips over their knee, then move into either side control or knee on belly. Make sure you maintain your grips on the gi and lapel, as these will make it really hard for them to move anywhere. They can’t shrimp, as you have a gi wrapped around their hips, and if they turn the other way, you’ve got a grip on the other side too. They can’t turtle either, as with those grips, you’ll have little trouble taking their back.

The second pass is for if they manage to snatch half guard as you try to trap that leg against your stomach. You have the same grips as before. Instead of grabbing the gi jacket with your free hand, grab the top of their gi trousers and push up, to stop them moving. Then sprawl your leg backwards to break their hold, after which your can move round to side control: either step the leg over, or rotate your hips like before.

No sparring in the basics tonight, but I was feeling ok for the advanced, where I expected to get some rolling time.

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