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20 September 2010

20/09/2010 - BJJ (Basics)

Class #343
Gracie Barra Birmingham, (BJJ), Norby Nowak, Birmingham, UK – 20/09/2010

It was my last day at work today, and I got my favourite kind of present, a gift voucher. Ideal, because it means I know I can then get something I want, so I picked up two more 33 1/3 books from WH Smiths (the ones on Abba Gold and Led Zeppelin IV). If they’re as good as the two on Low and Pet Sounds, should be awesome. I’m also very intrigued by the last one I bought but have been saving up, which strangely is on Celine Dion. Don’t let that put you off though, as apparently it's a very interesting exploration of taste (the subtitle is ‘A Journey to the End of Taste’). The guy who wrote it unsurprisingly went in hating the album, so came up with a great angle.

I won’t actually be leaving my flat until next week, after which I’ll be looking to train at RGA Wycombe again, which should be cool. Before that, I’ve got some more time to work on my butterfly guard at GB Brum. Judging by my performance tonight, I need a lot of improvement, as my sparring was absolutely terrible.

The butterfly pass starts when they have their knees raised and are sitting up. This can work if they have both knees up, but normally there will just be one, with the other on the floor. Push that knee down with your same side hand, then reach your other arm underneath their knee, reaching for the cuff of their opposite trouser leg (so, the one you’re already holding down with your other hand).

Your can then remove your hand from their knee and reach over their back, grabbing a handful of gi, keeping them tight towards you. The idea of the sweep is to treat them like a steering wheel, pulling their leg back under their raised knee, while yanking your hold on their back in the opposite direction. To do that, you’ll need to move your leg back, as otherwise you’ll just be whacking their foot into your own knee.

Make sure you really pull their leg out, so they can’t try to bring a knee in. It should be a simple matter to move into side control from there. If they give you any trouble by posting behind themselves with an arm, simply switch your grip on their back to that elbow instead, yanking it forward and removing their base. In that situation, you’ll also need to drive forward a bit with either your head or your shoulder.

Specific sparring didn’t go too well for me, as passing I was getting swept, and underneath I was getting passed, by pretty much everyone. So, clearly I’m missing a load of details from the position where the person on top has their elbows tucked in and head down into your stomach. That would continue into the advanced class, as we did the same specific sparring, but at least I could try to work on some small details, like trying to sit up.

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