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06 March 2012

06/03/2012 - Gracie Barra Bristol (Spider Guard Sweep)

Class #448
Gracie Barra Bristol, (BJJ), Dónal Carmody, Bristol, UK - 06/03/2012

As always with Dónal's lessons, he started off with some great drills. The first was to practice the leg-drag pass, starting with both their feet on your hips. Grab just above their knee with your same side hand, while the other cups under their heel. Drive in with your hip and press forward. Move back, while simultaneously pulling their leg across your body. I didn't realise until today that you drag that leg high: that means you can then trap it with your arm. If you then bring your other knee into their bottom leg, you've trapped both of them, so it should be a simple matter to move around to the other side.

The other drill was new, based off the knee-cut pass. You're stood in their open guard, with one leg in between theirs. Push their outside leg down, stepping your same side leg over. Cut the knee you have in the middle across in the same direction. However, instead of completing that motion, turn your hips to face the other way, so the knee in the middle slides over the other leg. Flare your knee, so that you end up sliding your knee over their lower leg. Then switch and repeat.

Main technique was a spider guard sweep, from the deep lasso grip. So, feet on their hips, swing out, then wrap your leg around their arm, getting your instep to their shoulder blade. Pull them in towards you, but just before you pull them in, your other leg is going to drop across their hips, so the foot is on the lasso side hip. With your free arm, hook behind their same side leg and roll them over, moving to side control, scarf hold or whatever you prefer.

There was another nice tip from Dónal, which was for getting your foot back into position if they break your spider guard grip (the orthodox one, rather than the lasso). Instead of trying to shove your foot to the inside of their arm, which they'll be tucking in tightly, attack the outside. Bring your foot near their armpit, wriggle your toes inside their, then push out into the crook of their elbow.

You could then go for a triangle by switching your grip from the bicep-pressing arm to their collar. Kick that leg through, then pull the elbow of their other arm towards you so you can also kick that leg through, ready to lock up the triangle.

I'd almost forgotten, but today marks my first year as a purple belt. Unfortunately, I've still not found the 'on' button, so I don't feel any better than when I was a blue belt. On the plus side, the teaching has been really useful, so I look forward to continue refining my lesson plans and digging deeper into the selection of techniques I've been working over the last few months. :)

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