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26 April 2012

26/04/2012 - Teaching (Maintaining the Back)

Teaching #051
Gracie Barra Bristol, (BJJ), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 26/04/2012

As we're now shifting from mount to the back in the lesson plan, I wanted to start off by showing how you can take the back from mount, specifically technical mount. If for some reason the foot you have by their hip is slipping and they try to catch it in half guard, try sliding your other knee right to their head and rolling them to the other side. Due to their half guard attempt, they've already given you one hook, so you just need to insert the other. You don't have to wait for them to try for half guard, as you can also simply fall back, pulling them behind you to establish back control.

Once on the back, if you find you start to lose the position, Andre Galvao shows a simple option for retaking the back, which works well as a drill. This is quite similar to the back take you've just done. They manage to clear one of your hooks and start bringing their hips over. Before they can get their shoulders to the mat, press your chest into their shoulder and roll them onto their side, in the direction they were escaping. Use the foot they've dislodged to post , raising yourself up enough that you can slide your dislodged knee high up their back. Sit back and roll them towards your remaining hook, onto their other side, then re-establish your second hook. You can keep doing that from side to side as a drill.

Taking things full circle, note that you can also recover mount from the back. This time, they've not only cleared one hook, they've also managed to put their shoulders onto the mat. It might be tough regain your back mount from here, especially if they've moved over your leg or have it under their body. Instead, shift so that you can bring your remaining hook over their body. Clamp that heel to their far hip, making sure it is providing you with enough control that they can't simply shrug you off. Pull out your elbow for base, then turn and slide through into mount.

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