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10 October 2013

10/10/2013 - Dónal at Hit Fit (Triangle from Closed Guard)

Class #528
Hit Fit, (BJJ), Dónal Carmody, Bristol, UK - 10/10/2013

Usual drills at the start, including the classic bullfighter pass drill where you step through to knee on belly. That was followed by some side control basics on killing the near arm (so, this kind of thing), before we got into the fundamental triangle from guard.

The simplest of triangle set-ups is probably the tap-through triangle, where you grip both of their wrists, or sleeves if you prefer. Dónal did this a little differently, as he grabbed a forearm instead, but otherwise had the usual grip on their lapel. Push their same side forearm into their stomach, then bring your same side leg up over their shoulder, effectively putting them into position. It's important you clear that arm, as you don't want them wriggling the arm back inside.

You'll need to raise your hips to get past that shoulder, which may require putting your other foot on their hip to push off. This should cause their arm to extend and lift in front of you, ready to be pulled across your body. Grab your shin and swing the back of your other leg over that shin, then swivel round to the side, squeezing for the submission. My triangles are still pretty crap, especially as I'm easily confused and end up doing it backwards. That will still work, but it's not ideal.

In sparring, I got into a triangle position, but as ever didn't do a good job of controlling posture or getting a good angle. I went for the super deep grip on the collar to try for the 'Relson choke', but couldn't get sufficient control. I also tried the gi tail again, at one point switching to an overhook choke (which to my surprise elicited a tap but I don't think it was on properly: probably the experience gap again).

Passing I am still not beating the arm properly. I sort of remembered the backstep, but it isn't instinctive enough yet so I get scuppered before I can initiate it. Free sparring, I was able to sweep from getting the gi wrap, which progressed to just being stuck in mount the whole time. Though stuck on top is no bad thing: I was looking for Dónal's ezequiel series, but couldn't get that arm in position.

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