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10 February 2014

10/02/2014 - Artemis BJJ (Escaping Side Control)

Class #544
Bristol Sports Centre, (Artemis BJJ), Dónal Carmody, Bristol, UK - 10/02/2014

BJJ Bristol Artemis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Side ControlWe hope everyone has enjoyed their two free weeks at Artemis BJJ! For anyone new, the first week is still free, but we're now also bringing in our monthly fees. For this first month, we're already halfway through, so we're just charging half price up until March.

Dónal went with the escape to knees today, where as ever he does it slightly differently to me (I taught it last week). We both feel it's a huge plus to have multiple instructors teaching, as even if we teach the same technique, we're going to have a different perspective. The two details Dónal adds relate to swivelling your arm through and how you then complete that motion.

When you are framing your forearm into their neck, Dónal suggests getting the elbow of that arm into their armpit, hiding it there. That helps stop them attacking your arm and it also makes it easier to swivel the arm around the back. Once you've got it through to the back, you might find they try and resist. If you shove with your arm, it is going to be hard to move their weight. However, if you twist your hand, so your little finger is moving towards your head, that creates a more powerful skeletal structure. I'm not sure exactly why that is stronger, but give it a try. :)

Like my previous lesson with Dónal, I was in more of a teaching role today, although I was drilling this time. We have a few kids that train with us (once that gets up to a decent number we can bring in a proper kids class, separate from the adults), so I was drilling with him. I haven't had much experience teaching kids, so that's useful, although when we do have a children's class it will be Dónal heading it up.

Sparring at the end was good and relaxed, as top side control is among my favourite positions. I feel comfortable holding the position, especially with beginners. Still, it was a good reminder on keeping my hip in contact with theirs and being careful of that knee. I also did get caught in half guard once, so that's something else I need to avoid. I haven't had too many people that try to snatch half guard from under my side control: it's handy to feel it in action, both so I can practice countering and give it a go myself when underneath.

More on side control on Wednesday, when I'll be going through some tips on maintaining.

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