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01 May 2014

01/05/2014 - Stephanie's Women's Class (Triangle Under Side Control)

Class #565
Fabio Novaes BJJ, Stephanie McClish, Lakeland, FL, USA - 01/05/2014

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Back to the awesomeness of Stephanie's women's class tonight, where this time we covered a technique I frequently use, the triangle from under side control. Stephanies uses it the same way I do, which is as an escape that very occasionally might turn into a submission.

The situation is that they are in side control, but have put and arm inside your leg (if they haven't put the arm inside, you can walk you legs up by their arm and get a similar position). Push their head towards your legs and swing one over the head, locking in a triangle position where you capture both their arm and their head.

Normally it will be hard to submit from here, but to try, slide your upper body underneath their torso (you may need to move their arm because it is often obstructing your route), lock your arms around them and thrust your hips. Usually they will posture up before you get that far, whereupon you can shrimp away and recover your guard.

In the half guard specific sparring at the start I again wasn't doing great on the passing or underneath, so I'm looking forward to half guard month at Artemis BJJ. Clearly my half guard needs a lot of work, as I'm not really doing anything from there. I flail at the scissor sweep and roll over from knee shield and occasionally go for deep half Homer Simpson, but that's about it. Ineed much more from the standard haf guard.

Getting to free sparring, just like last time, the women all had good pressure, turning my head and working the pass. I was again trying to go to deep half as well as try Kev's 'nappy grip' (or what I decided to dub the 'mawashi grip' because I think it sounds cooler :p), but not much success with either. I am at least remembering to regrip on the mawashi option.

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