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20 May 2014

20/05/2014 - Teaching (Kimura from Closed Guard)

Teaching #155
Artemis BJJ (Longwell Green), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 20/05/2014

I've been attempting to simplify things recently in class, so tonight I added on a very basic kimura off a sit-up sweep. You go for the sit-up as before, knocking into them with your hip. They manage to keep their balance and resist. Go with it, falling back. Previously, you were reaching over their shoulder to wrap up their triceps. With that arm, you're now going to lock their arm to your chest. Grab their wrist with your other hand as you're falling back, grabbing your own wrist with your first arm.

Swivel perpendicular to their body, bringing your leg up their back to hold them in place. Push their wrist towards their head to finish the submission. Make sure you keep their upper arm clamped to your chest, to prevent them from using their hand to grab something. It's possible to break that grip and complete the kimura, but it's a complication best avoided.


Teaching Notes: Really simple lesson today, as you can tell from the short write-up. I think I put in too many drills at the start, so I'll keep playing with those. I tried to split the basic side control escape to knees into sections, but I felt it took too long. So next time, I'll just stick with one section, the core movement of bridging and shrimping.

I added in sit-up sweep sit-ups too, which would be worth doing more often, as would standing up in guard. For the back, the only drill I can think of is the 'monkey climb' one, where you jump on their back and then crawl around repeatedly. It can be quite difficult at first and requires two people roughly the same size, but I reckon that will definitely help with back control and general agility.

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