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08 July 2014

08/07/2014 - Artemis BJJ | de la Riva Guard | Removing the Hook & Passing

Class #579
Artemis BJJ (Impact Gym), Dónal Carmody, Bristol, UK - 08/07/2014

More de la Riva tonight, this time looking at passing. The first thing you want to do is get rid of that hook. Drive your leg into the back of theirs so that you can bring your heel back slightly, then flare your leg out to pop their hook off. Grab their other leg, pushing their knee towards their chest. That should make it easier to shove their leg across your body, going into a squat and pushing their leg over so you're right into a leg drag position.

The second passing option was essentially the one that Dónal showed me in a private last year. Again free your leg of their de la Riva hook, then shove their other foot down by pushing with your hand (specifically, with the v of your finger and thumb) into the part where their leg joins their instep. If they are pushing into your leg, turn it inwards to reduce the pressure. When you've pushed their leg down, swing your own leg up, pushing their leg across underneath your other leg, so you can sit on it.

In specific sparring, I was being too lazy with sparring, as I wasn't popping their hook off. Instead, I was shoving their other leg down and moving straight into the knee cut. That worked a few times, but the problem is that if it doesn't entirely work and they still have that hook, you might find yourself getting swept mid-pass. I need to make popping off that hook instinctive and natural, which at the moment it isn't. Getting into free sparring, I fit in a few sweeps, going off what Josh said in his comment recently (I think? Can't quite remember how I knocked them over). Useful principle to keep in mind.

After class finished, Dónal was showing Paul a nifty looking choke from top half guard. Reach your top hand to their opposite collar, getting a deep grip. Your top hand grips around their shoulder on the other side, dropping your elbow down and bringing your weight to bear for the choke. I think. Something to play with. :)

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