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31 July 2014

31/07/2014 - Artemis BJJ | Open Guard | Leg Lock

Class #584
Artemis BJJ (Impact Gym), Dónal Carmody, Bristol, UK - 31/07/2014

Like I say every time I'm shown a leg lock, it's an area of jiu jitsu I almost completely ignore at the moment. I'm interested in the defence, out of safety considerations, but it is not something I ever go for on other people. I'm far too worried about either injuring them through applying it wrong myself, or that they could injure themselves by trying to explosively spin free. As ever, that comes down to familiarity, seeing as I don't have that worry with other submissions, but meh. It's a flaw I can live with for now. ;)

Anyway, the basic leg lock entry Dónal taught started from standing. Wrap your leg around the outside of theirs, putting your heel into their hip. Drop to your side, bringing your other leg in behind the leg you've trapped. Squeeze your knees together to help secure the position.

For the actual submission itself (a straight ankle lock, I think?), you wrap up the foot, bend it sideways towards you slightly. With an arm wrapped underneath, turn so your head is looking over your shoulder, arch your back and thrust your hips. Dónal also mentions that he likes to have the leg 'pre-bent' as he is dropping back, to make it harder for them to use the 'iron boot' defence where they straighten their leg and pull their toes back. I could well have missed a whole bunch of details there though.

Big class today, so I was mostly wandering around to try and help people out, along with simple space management during sparring, stopping people crashing into each other. I did get in a brief bit of drilling myself at the start, along with some specific sparring from open guard. I played with the bullfighter some more, grabbing the knees and dropping my shoulder. It did work, but involved some scrambling. I need to remember to reach for the far hip once I've dropped my shoulder, to control their ability to shrimp away. If I don't do that, I inevitably end up chasing them a little.

Underneath, I went for the tripod off the cross-grip, continuing to try and focus in on that version of open guard some more. It's what Kev recommended to me back in that private, so it's good I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable there (then again, it's been mostly white and blue belt: when I last tried that against brown belts at Jude's club, I was passed in seconds).

I also managed some kind of weird version of the rollover sweep from half guard: it felt sloppy, because I'm sure I didn't have the right grips, but it also didn't seem to take a huge amount of effort, so I must have lucked onto the correct leverage point. Something to play with, as ever. This will be my last chance to be a student for a while, as Dónal is away for the next couple of weeks.

That means I'm teaching six classes next week, but I do at least get the open mat for drilling time (assuming I can grab someone for drilling). Should be fun to test out some more lesson plans either way, plus it also means I can further refine what I taught at Bristol Sports Centre last month by trying it at Impact too.

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