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15 September 2014

15/09/2014 - Teaching | The Back | Crucifix (Kneeling) Shoulder Lock

Teaching #196
Artemis BJJ (Bristol Sports Centre), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 15/09/2014

Tonight I shared another technique from the Dave Jacobs seminar, this time from the kneeling crucifix (as Aesopian dubs it in Mastering the Crucifix). Secure the crucifix by driving your knee in from the side ride, flaring your knee out, then hooking their arm with your other heel. Drag their arm back and make sure it stays trapped between your legs.

Put the knee nearest their head slightly forward, still controlling their arm. Turn to face their legs, grabbing their ankle to anchor yourself in place. At this point you will probably need to switch your legs, so that you can get the leg further away from their head closer to their wrist. Twist your body and swing the leg furthest from their head backwards, still hooking the arm. Do this movement gradually, as that shoulder lock can come on quickly, depending on their flexibility.

Teaching Notes: Interestingly, it seemed people were finding that sometimes this was a shoulder lock, sometimes it ended up attacking the elbow as with an armbar, depending on leg and arm configuration. Chris had a little addition, as he said he liked to be able to see what he was doing when submitting. So, he kept his legs together and twisted back to look at them. He also grabbed their wrist when switching legs, to make sure they can't wriggle their arm free.

Next time, I should probably mention that you can switch legs during the transition, though I'm not sure if that makes it easier. I had a play with the crucifix in sparring, especially the armbar I think I'll teach on Wednesday. I'm not big on armbars, but this is an important one to add into the mix, as it means you can attack with a choke and an armbar simultaneously: Aesopian makes a point of that when he teaches it on Mastering the Crucifix.

I'm also continuing to play with the 'post, posture, leverage' tip on sweeps from Beyond Technique. Although it hasn't yet led me to a sweep, it is useful to have it in mind as a goal when in guard.

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