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20 September 2014

20/09/2014 - Open Mat | The Back | Reverse Omoplata

Class #593
Artemis BJJ (Impact Gym), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 20/09/2014

Once again, I used the open mat as an opportunity to practice what I wanted to teach next week. Today that was especially important, as I wanted to work on a technique I've been building towards the whole month: the reverse omoplata. I'll talk more about this in the lesson plan write-up on Monday, but this was the culmination of my Mastering the Crucifix teaching experiment, which has gone well so far. I was especially curious to see how students would deal with the reverse omoplata, given Aesopian's evangelising about its inflated perception as complex and difficult.

Practicing it at open mat, I found myself agreeing with Aesopian. The basic mechanics aren't too difficult, especially if you're already familiar with the crucifix. In short, get into the crucifix as normal, base out on your far arm, then do a tight roll over your shoulder, similar to breakfalling. Reach your near arm past their shoulder, aiming to grab their leg. Continue the roll, making sure you still have their arm and leg trapped. They will roll too, due to the pressure on their shoulder.

When you come up, switch the arm you have gripping their leg, putting your original arm over their body for control. Base on your far leg, keeping your near leg closely wrapped on their arm, then bring your hips back. That should torque their arm for the submission. Not a simple technique, but not super-complicated either. We'll see how that goes on Monday: I'm looking forward to it. :)

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