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15 November 2014

15/11/2014 - Artemis BJJ | Open Mat | Open Guard

Class #603
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 15/11/2014

I spent most of today's open mat helping a couple of students drill technique, which is cool. I always learn from doing that, especially if we then try the technique with a bit more resistance. In terms of the training I wanted to get today, I still really want to improve my open guard. I looked back again at the private lesson Kev taught me on the topic, so I'm going to focus on getting that collar grip and upright position.

Also, I can't let myself get too defensive in open guard. That's why I get passed so often: I'm waiting for them to make a move. You can kind of get away with that when you're in a dominant position like mount or side control, but open guard is more dynamic. I'm also trying to use butterfly guard more often, as that's a useful offensive guard when they are on their knees. The spider variation is worth a go too, but I think mainly when they're on their knees: I've found they have too much movement available in that position when they're stood up. But that's also a matter of familiarity with it.

So, I'll be looking to keep working the open guard at least a bit of every open mat, as it's continued to be the main weakness in my game. My nogi is even worse, as I found when I did a bit of nogi sparring today. Without that collar grip, I end up just clamping on in closed guard. I did eventually go for a sweep from butterfly, but that was against somebody much less experienced. Still, something to keep working on.

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