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23 December 2014

23/12/2014 - Artemis BJJ | Open Mat | Back Take from Closed Guard & Ryan Hall's Kimura Grip

Class #618
Artemis BJJ (Bristol Sports Centre/MyGym), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 23/12/2014

Today we started off by working on closed guard back takes, as Chris had some trouble with it yesterday. It was useful for me too: pointing out where I was able to prevent him taking my back made me realise what steps could be taken to counteract my defense. So, that was in short the importance of controlling their posture, getting off to the side (angles, always angles) and pushing their head away. My main counters were to posture up or drive my head back across horizontally, so if Chris could stuff those, the back take was much easier. Also, if I step up a leg, he can underhook and roll me over in a nice sweep.

We took some video of the progressive resistance, in order to properly test out the HookSweep website. That's a service set up by Georgette's old team mates at Gracie Humaita Austin, where the idea is that students send their instructor videos of up to a minute, which can then be broken down and worked through. The membership is free at the moment, so I was curious to try it out. That also means we've got a bunch of training footage, something I've not had for years. I'll probably therefore embed it when Chris sends the video through. :)

After that, it was my turn for drilling, where again I picked maintaining the back, based off Ryan Hall's DVD. This time, we had a play with the kimura grip. Once you get it, stay firm. I don't think I had it quite right, as Chris could still move a bit. Getting into position is perhaps the hardest part, bringing the arm over their head. Donal's grip break is handy here, as well as pushing on their hip with your foot to block their movement.

We finished with some back escape specific sparring. I tried to use that kimura grip as well as the tweaks from yesterday, which helped a bit I think. Fun stuff: I still need to work on my control, but thanks to Ryan Hall and Chris, it seems to be improving. Unfortunately my injury means I can't use my legs properly, but I'm pleased I can at least work on the stuff that focuses on arms.

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