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17 January 2015

17/01/2015 - Artemis BJJ | Open Mat | Open Guard

Class #624
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 17/01/2015

Quiet open mat this week, where I mainly got in a good bit of sparring with Tracey. She's the perfect sparring partner for me right now, as it doesn't exacerbate my injury. She's also improving rapidly, so I'm having to work a lot harder to pass and to maintain control on top. I was concentrating on gripping less, so while I still used the stiff arm guard, I wasn't grabbing any gi. That works ok if they aren't too tall, but I can't reach high enough if they're bigger (in that instance, I need to grab a collar and pull them down to my level, ideally).

With passing I was also trying to avoid grabbing the gi trousers. Instead, I tried gripping the ankles and pushing them in, then shoving their knee out of the way with my own. That kind of worked, although it might have just been down to the size and experience difference. I'll have a more thorough look through my notes for passes that don't rely so much on grips. Possibly the Monday class? I'll still teach one with grips, as I haven't gone through the knee slice yet, but if I get a chance to spar I'll try something different. Possibilities. :)

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