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29 January 2015

29/01/2015 - Teaching | Butterfly Guard | Knee Forward Pass

Teaching #270
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 28/01/2015

This time, you haven't managed to flatten them out before passing: they are still upright and ready to sweep. Reach over their back and secure a grip under their opposite shoulder blade, leaning slightly to the opposite side. Post on that side with your hand, or grab their knee. Step up your leg on the same side as your reaching arm, tight to their leg, so that the inside of your knee is pressing into the outside of theirs. If it isn't tight, they'll be able to exploit that space, perhaps hooking and initiating a sweep.

Using your upright knee, turn and push their knees in the opposite direction (if you're wondering what to do with your other arm, Saulo suggests basing on the floor with it). The idea here is to clamp their knees to the mat, pressuring through the side of their top knee. Ideally you want it right on the knee, rather than on the thigh or lower, though that would still be effective to a degree. Replace that pressure with your non-gripping hand, keeping the arm straight to use your skeletal structure rather than muscles. You can then pass to side control or possibly take their back, depending on their reaction.

Teaching & Sparring Notes: I included that Saulo lean, but I'm not sure how he uses that hand for base, if he's leaning away. I think I need to rewatch the video on BJJ Library. I was tending to put my hand on their other knee, rather than basing on the floor like Saulo does in his video.

I was pleased to get in a little bit of sparring again, where I practiced stiff arm guard some more, combining with tripod and sickle sweeps. I was able to knock them down, but I'm not coming up quickly enough afterwards or pinning the leg. That's something I'll try to focus on in sparring, but generally the stiff arm has been a big help and improved my retention quite a bit (at least with white and blues, so I guess that's not a true test yet).

It was cool to have Nacho there (also cool to FINALLY get in some sparring with him, though I think he was going easy because I'm still injured). When Steve asked about passing Nacho's inverted guard, I decided it was better to just ask Nacho. Sure enough, he was able to show what looks to be a good option: bring your forward knee into the back of their knee, then squash through for the pass. At least that's what it looked like, I was the one being demonstrated on so may not have seen it properly. I'll have to ask again on Saturday if he's there, or if Steve remembers it. :)

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