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05 March 2015

05/03/2015 - Teaching | The Back | Weekly Recap

Teaching #290
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 05/03/2015

I recapped Monday and Wednesday, then as it was a small class, I also added in several other bits and pieces. First up, Marcelo Garcia's back retake, where they've completely cleared your legs. If that happens, maintain your seatbelt grip and sprawl out. Walk back on your toes until you're directly behind them, then bring your knees close to their back. From there, you can re-establish your hooks.

After asking if there was anything specific people wanted to go through, the response was attacking the turtle. I had enough time, so ran through the basic crucifix entry, followed by a clock choke and a simple turnover, Levo style. Using your hand as a hook is such a handy (yay, puns!) tip, one of the most useful things I learned from Levo among the many, many useful things his Leverage Submission Grappling seminars cover.

The crucifix is probably a bit advanced to throw in like that, but then again, I was using it to illustrate some of the options from the turtle, as the specific question was about the student not knowing what to do when somebody turtles. I'm especially pleased that when he attended the GrappleThon, Steve told me that he'd managed to land that same clock choke I taught him in this lesson (I'm writing it up a week later, rather than time travelling ;P).

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