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14 March 2015

14/03/2015 - Artemis BJJ | Open Mat

Class #634
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 14/03/2015

Mostly all sparring today. I got in some good long rolls with Zoe and Laura, where I can feel the difference in their games from a couple of months ago, especially Zoe and her passing. With Laura we were working on her side control, where I think the main thing that could help her is establishing a firmer frame underneath (mainly a matter of angle, so the top person can't easily bend your arm and get chest-to-chest pressure).

There is also the question of how to stop top person pushing your knee out of the way, something I kept doing. Taking the hand out of commission is the first obvious step, though it is still possible to wriggle around using your hip to push the knee away. Perhaps squaring up more on the bottom, getting on your side? I'll have to have a play, getting somebody to do it to me repeatedly when I'm on the bottom and see if I can come up with anything useful.

It was great to see Zoe and Antonis down at the open mat, especially after they did a long stint at last weekend's GrappleThon. Hopefully the PHNX Fitness location will continue to grow! :D

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