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09 April 2015

09/04/2015 - Teaching Notes at PHNX | Ezequiel Variation

Teaching #306
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 09/04/2015

Today I ran through various mount attacks, then answered a few questions about related side control chokes. I had a play trying out that variation of the ezequiel choke too, seeing if that was a useful alternative. Drilling, we found it's hard to do without raising up, though that might be because I don't have it tight enough. I still like the ease of setting it up though, and trapping the arm must have some potential.

The choke, shown to me by a visiting purple a while ago, is similar to the lapel attack I like to do from side control, where you feed your gi to the hand you have under their head (something you can set up from mount too, dismounting to side control for the finish). Even more fun, if they are being super-defensive and crossing their arms to block a choke from mount, that's where the ezequiel variation comes in.

Pull their gi lapel up and over their bent arm, feeding it to the hand you have under their head. Bring your other arm underneath that lapel, cutting the hand down by the side of their neck, like you would for a standard ezequiel. You can then finish the choke pretty much as normal. If you start off with the gi lapel slightly loose, it's easier to slip your other hand under, before tightening it right up. I'm going to continue playing with this, as well as checking back with that purple to see how it's been working for him in the months since he first showed it to me.

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