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09 May 2015

09/05/2015 - Open Mat

Class #642
Artemis BJJ (PHNX Fitness), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 09/05/2015

It was good to get back on the mats after Portugal. Sparring with Tracey I can really feel the improvement in her game. I have to work a lot harder now due to that additional pressure she's learned to apply, especially when I'm under mount and side control. In terms of passing the guard, we spoke a bit about her base and balance, but as she has back and leg issues, that's going to need some modification from the standard method. So, passing from the knees might be a better focus, as that would remove the risk of getting whacked hard on her back from a standing sweep.

Sparring with the visiting purple belt is always cool too. We did some specifics from side control, because I wanted to work on my escapes from there. I concentrated on staying calm underneath and maintaining a strong frame, trying to block and dislodge submissions before they get too far into it. I also need to watch my weight distribution on top: he managed to reverse me at one point because I got bounced up really high, then he turned through. The motion felt much like that scarf hold escape Dan Lewis showed at RGA Bucks during my latest visit.

Free sparring, fun rolling around as usual. With my sitting guard, I'm not managing the distance well enough, I shouldn't let them get in too close. I did give the shin-on-shin sweep a quick go, lifted him up slightly, but didn't get all the details. E.g., I wasn't pushing on the knee properly to get them to post with their arm, which is a key part of the sweep.

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