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05 June 2015

05/06/2015 - Teaching | Closed Guard | Kimura

Teaching #333
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 05/06/2015

Tonight, I added on a very basic kimura off a sit-up sweep. You go for the sit-up as before, knocking into them with your hip. They manage to keep their balance and resist. Go with it, falling back. Previously, you were reaching over their shoulder to wrap up their triceps. With that arm, you're now going to lock their arm to your chest. Grab their wrist with your other hand as you're falling back, grabbing your own wrist with your first arm.

Swivel perpendicular to their body, bringing your leg up their back to hold them in place. Push their wrist towards their head to finish the submission: you can twist your torso to do this, rather than relying on arm strength. Make sure you keep their upper arm clamped to your chest, to prevent them from using their hand to grab something. It's possible to break that grip and complete the kimura, but it's a complication best avoided.

You can also set this up by breaking their posture. If you are able to knock them sufficiently off balance, they may post out on their hands. That's the opening you're looking for: immediately sit up and latch onto their wrist, then complete the kimura as before.


Teaching & Sparring Notes: The two main things people were forgetting was firstly bumping enough to make the other person post out with their hand (and therefore also trying to lock the grip on too soon, though I guess that could still work), then secondly not bringing the leg up their back enough, to shove the face into the mat. That really helps, as it makes it very tough to get up. Locking the elbow to the chest is something else I'll emphasise more next time too.

I had a go at trying out the shoulder clamp attacks, but I think I overfocused on just getting that grip. Instead, I should have also been thinking about the deep collar grip (along with the two hands on the collar posture break, rather than just constantly pulling in with my knees). I probably could have gone for the sit up sweep too. So, less one track mind next time! Although I did at least manage a sweep, it was more of a spur of the moment thing, grabbing an arm and a leg, then somehow knocking them over.

Also, good turnout for the first Friday class at Artemis BJJ, which is cool. I also realised today looking through the finances that enough people have signed up that I can extend the Friday class as well as the new Sunday session, making them 1.5 and 2hrs respectively. Yay! Just need to see what attendance is like on Sunday, but I've already set the extended Friday time in motion.

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