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28 June 2015

28/06/2015 - Open Mat | Collar Clamp

Class #651
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 28/06/2015

Last chance to get in some proper comp prep today, so I tried to cover off any question the students competing had before the big day on the 5th. I also jumped in as a 'competitor' in the comp prep drill. That basically just meant I went a little harder than I normally do, to give them some feeling of that intensity that happens in a comp, while still accounting for the size and skill difference when it was somebody smaller.

I also had a chance to run through some of the shoulder clamp stuff I've been playing with, getting in plenty of drilling with Chris. First thing that came up was walking my legs up the back, not just angling off. Once those legs are up, that potentially makes it easier: then they can't back away and pop their head out so easily, plus it stops them posturing up.

Secondly, I should use that initial method I tried right back at the start of the month, grabbing the deep collar grip, adding an underhook, then moving into a shoulder clamp if I need to. If with the arms is a shoulder clamp, I guess that means I could call it a collar clamp?? Anyway, that underhook means I can attack for the pressing armbar, belly down armbar and omoplata anyway.

Bit of sparring in with a visiting purple too, which is always cool. I wasn't getting my open guard position too well, but then I didn't sit up as much as I should have. At some point I got on top and attempted to solidify side control, but in an effort to swivel to the back I messed up and eventually got caught in a triangle. I kept my elbows in tight and based out wide, keeping my feet out of reach.

He went to switch to the armbar, but I managed to hide my hand behind the leg. I had both hands in the whole time so could defend, but it was very much a 'hold on and wait' kind of defence rather than something more dynamic. Though I guess that's ok if you can stay safe, especially as it also doesn't use much energy.

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