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26 July 2015

26/07/2015 - Open Mat | Sit Up Escape

Class #655
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 26/07/2015

I'm still taking it easy to give my finger joint a chance to recover from whatever I did to it earlier this week. That meant I was mostly answering questions and helping people drill. However, I did get in some light sparring at the end with Rafal, along with drilling some of the material from Jeff Rockwell's recent sit up escape instructional. It builds on the Defensive Guard stuff I've been incorporating into my game for a year or two now, particularly the collar tie position.

Koala guard remains an interesting option from open guard, though I haven't yet been able to combine the distance together well. I'll keep testing out the entry point, as I think I'm jumping into it too early. That guillotine remains a risk, though I'm being more careful to keep my head in tight. My back escapes still need lots of work, as I'm continuing to chase as they try to bring in their second hook. Triangles are a risk from the underhook too: I normally feel ok with those and make certain to keep the elbow well back, but I was lazy today and got stuck inside. If he'd switched legs, I reckon he could have finished it (as I demonstrated afterwards).

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