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31 July 2015

31/07/2015 - Teaching | Shin-on-Shin Guard | Roll Under Sweep

Teaching #365
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 31/07/2015

For the last bit of sitting guard, I went for something slightly more complicated. From sitting guard, scoot in towards them, this time getting your same side shin in front of their leg, wrapping your same side arm behind, keeping your head tight. Ideally you also want to grab their sleeve with your other hand, then pass that to your first hand behind their leg. If that isn't available, you can grab their gi lapel or belt instead. It's possible to do the sweep without any grip, but it's more difficult.

Shoot your free leg through, reaching underneath their upper leg with your free arm as you swivel to your back. Lift up with your shin-on-shin leg, continuing to rotate. You're aiming to come up on top in their guard. If they are able to post (i.e., you haven't got control of their sleeve), you might find it easier to go for the back instead.

Teaching & Sparring Notes: At first I thought you needed to shoot your head all the way through too, but looking at it more carefully, it's actually more into the thigh. I'll emphasise that lift with the shin-on-shin leg more next time, as well as going high with your free arm. I'm not sure that's essential, because some people were still getting the sweep when their arm went low, but worth mentioning.

In sparring, I've noticed that people are backing away a lot and also bending forwards. That's a consequence of doing lots of sitting guard, at least with the less experienced students. It meant that with a strong collar grip, I could flip them over with a leg, but also reminded me to be careful of necks. I did it quite slowly, even so I could see how the neck could get nastily squashed if both people don't take care. Using two feet on the hips would be more effective - I was only getting away with one leg because my sparring partners were less experienced and around my size. First time I can remember that the old overhead sweep came up for me in a live roll.

Later at open mat, I spent a long while trying to finish off the crucifix. This time it was with somebody a good bit bigger than me, with a little more experience than some of the others. I couldn't roll them, but I had the arm trapped in my legs. I should have gone for that leaning shoulder lock, but totally forgot about. Something similar happened with the breadcutter back at RGA, when I didn't think of the near side armbar.

That's possibly a consequence of mainly doing specific sparring, so I need to remind myself to grab people for free sparring during open mat, as well as drilling to get those moves embedded in my memory. After all, being the instructor must have some privileges. ;)

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