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26 August 2015

26/08/2015 - Teaching | Half Guard | Lapel Trap Choke (Ezequiel)

Teaching #379
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 26/08/2015

Continuing that sequence from top half guard I learned from Jason Scully's Grapplers Guide, I moved on to a choke. This technique directly follows on from what we learned on Monday, though it is possible to do it on its own too.

If you've gone for the lapel trap americana but they've freed their arm, immediately shoot your other hand underneath the lapel. Get that to the other side of their neck. Pull on the lapel with your cross facing hand, chopping into their neck with your lapel hand. You end up with a submission similar to an ezequiel.

Teaching & Sparring Notes: As you can see from the brief description, this technique is quite simple. There wasn't much to correct during drilling, though a few people who hadn't been there on Monday needed a few pointers on the grip. It would be good to cover some non-lapel dependent submissions from top half guard, but I like the lapel trap stuff. A kimura from the top is something I'll probably add in next time, but this time round, I'll finish off the month with a rolling back back.

Sparring Chris, I was just holding him off for the majority of the time, resetting to double paw whenever I could. He went for the lapel trap a few times, which I was able to defend by getting my elbow to my side and gradually unwinding my hand. As I'd just taught he then looked to go for the choke, but knowing that's what he'd do, I was ready to block and start shrimping free. I had a go at the kimura, not very successfully as he buried his arm. Eventually I recovered guard, still probably my preferred option in half guard.

I managed to get on top with Paul, the other blue belt there tonight, during free sparring. He was attempting to entangle me in spider guard. I think I would have been in trouble if he'd managed to off balance me, but I ended up in a stable position, from which it was a matter of patience to free my arm and lock in side control.

I can't remember how I got on top: must have been some kind of sweep, as I started in bottom half guard. Tripod sweep, maybe? In an ideal world, I'd be able to write these up straight after class, but I try to avoid that as having laptops/phones on late definitely affects my sleep. ;)

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