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30 August 2015

30/08/2015 - Open Mat | More Jeff Rockwell Sit-Up Escape

Class #662
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 30/08/2015

I seem to have done something to my ankle, so I didn't get all that involved today. My main bit of training came right at the end, with more material from Jeff Rockwell's sit-up escape instructional. Like an open mat earlier in the week, I'm focusing on a sequence he shows that starts from underneath side control. The escape begins with your usual frame, except that you are also blocking the cross-face, like Saulo advises. Bridge up into them to make some space, then get a collar tie (i.e., grab behind their head, hooking your hand around and pressing your elbow into their clavicle) with what was your cross-face blocking arm. Post on your other arm and sit up, then scoot away to recover guard.

They manage to shuck your collar tie off their head. Immediately push into the side of their head, swinging your hips and legs across like you would from a running escape. Wise to that as well, they come around the side of your leg. Finally, you counter that by stiff-arming into the back of their elbow, recovering to guard. Interestingly - and this was most likely down to the limited resistance during drilling - I kept finding myself in a pseudo omoplata position. Their arm often got trapped as I was swinging my legs through. Looking at the gi from Rockwell's instructional, his training partner lifts his elbow and brings his arm back to avoid that.

I'll add it into the drill: I'm still treating this as a drill rather than what I expect to happen in sparring. From what I read in the instructional, I am assuming this drill is intended to get you used to some of the common motions associated with the sit up escape system Rockwell has developed. I need to re-read/re-watch it from the start anyway, especially as I'm now moving into side control month. Perfect time to test it.

Another interesting technical point from today was Sam's use of the rolling back take I showed on Friday. He was finding that reaching back with his 'outer' arm and grabbing the bottom of their trouser leg 'locked' the technique in place. It also provided another leverage point to pull through, helping the back take.

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