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06 October 2015

06/10/2015 - Open Mat | Day Session

Class #668
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 06/10/2015

Having been distracted by journalism, writing this a week later, I have to say I can't remember Tuesday too well. I think it was mainly drilling mount with Mike, who wanted to practice his escapes. As happens fairly often (and I guess is a downside of the cyclical positional structure I've adopted for Artemis BJJ), I find that the same problems with positions crop up after I had previously made some headway. Last time I focused on mount, I was starting to get a handle on setting up the cross choke. So far this month, I'm back in that old pattern of maintaining the position for a while, moving up high, then eventually getting rolled.

I'm being too tentative going for the choke, so I just need to try it. I think drilling maintenance of the position with one hand in for the choke is a good idea. I'll be adding that in as a drill for the Saulo choke on Friday: if I can get a handle on that, it will make chokes way easier to get.

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