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08 November 2015

08/11/2015 - Open Mat | Turtle Escapes

Class #678
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 08/11/2015

For Laura's last open mat, we ended up doing a fair bit of sparring, as well as getting in some good drilling too, finishing off with a super tasty meal. Perfect! That began with some comp prep sparring for Paul, with Simon and then a visiting purple belt (who as ever had lots of handy tips). Meanwhile, I was practicing turtle escapes, so I can decide which one to teach next week.

After reading my old notes and checking some videos from the Grappler's Guide, I think that the best option is probably the step behind and cut under. They are on the side of your turtle. Step your inside leg behind them, cutting the other knee into theirs (your knee slightly ahead of theirs, I think). Finally, bring your inside arm to their opposite hip. Turn through, which should mean you either manage to roll them over and end in side control (if they are your size of smaller), or recover guard.

Tom Barlow's tip from the Chelsea seminar was handy too, as well as simple: cross your feet over either of theirs. Again, that enables you to spin into guard. I did plenty of sparring with Laura after that, having a look at her technical mount escapes. I've also been playing with the triangle from the back, when you can get your leg under one arm and the other over their shoulder (similarly configuration to the seatbelt grip, in other words). I've only managed it on smaller training partners up until now, but it seems like a handy option to have up your sleeve.

After training, we indulged in one of life's great pleasures: pie. Specifically, Pieminister pie, which remains my favourite place to eat in Bristol. MYGYM is only a seven minute walk from the Stokes Croft original Pieminister restaurant: I've therefore decided that #ArmbarAndPie should become a regular thing! Expect lots more pie to be eaten post-training in the future. :D

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