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22 November 2015

22/11/2015 - Open Mat | Same Old Neck Injury

Class #682
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 22/11/2015

Really good turnout for today's open mat, one of the biggest I've seen. There was more comp prep for Chris and Paul, as well as seeing Rich back on the mats for the first time in ages which was cool. I had a play with the usual sitting guard, but as ever I'm too focused on that ankle pick sweep and it's predictable. As I'm moving away from relying a lot on grips (purely because my fingers aren't up to it), I don't want the collar drag and loop choke to be my main other options, so I need to think of other options.

There's the tripod and sickle combination I like, though that isn't generally from a sitting position. I could also keep on trying with the koala guard, though there I've only really got the single leg, as the roll under so frequently just gives them the the knee cut pass. Next month is open guard, meaning I will hopefully get lots of practice. Some rewatching of Ryan Hall's awesome DVD would help too.

However, I cleverly managed to injure myself today (totally my fault). It's the same thing I've done before, in guard. I had my legs locked in tight and was getting stacked, but rather than get my arms into play, or simply let go, I rolled over my neck instead. Bad idea. That scrunches me up onto my shoulders, then leaves the area around my neck really sore for next few days.

At least I'm hoping it's only the next few days: I'm writing this on Wednesday and it's still fairly painful. I have been able to teach, which is good, but not spar, which is bad. Especially as I wanted to visit my instructor in Aylesbury at the weekend. We'll see how the neck is doing by Friday. Good (if painful!) reminder that I need to be careful when I'm getting scrunched up in guard. ;)

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