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27 November 2015

27/11/2015 - Teaching | The Back | Crucifix (Kneeling) Shoulder Lock

Teaching #429
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 27/11/2015

Tonight I shared a technique from the Dave Jacobs seminar I went to in 2014, from the kneeling crucifix (as Aesopian dubs it in Mastering the Crucifix). Secure the crucifix by driving your knee in from the side ride, flaring your knee out, then hooking their arm with your other heel. Drag their arm back and make sure it stays trapped between your legs.

Put the knee nearest their head slightly forward, still controlling their arm. Turn to face their legs, grabbing their ankle to anchor yourself in place, with your head in line with their bum. At this point you will need to switch your legs, so that you can get the leg further away from their head closer to their wrist. Twist your body and swing the leg furthest from their head backwards, still hooking the arm. Do this movement gradually, as that shoulder lock can come on quickly, depending on their flexibility.

Teaching Notes: When I last taught this just over a year ago, it was as part of a month focused on the crucifix. We haven't done anywhere near as much from the turtle this time around, so I think people were finding it tougher than last time (though previously it was mostly people around the same level, IIRC). Before I teach this again, I'll make sure it's in the context of a series of lessons around the turtle and the crucifix specifically.

The initial entry caused some confusion as people were trying to slide their whole leg across, rather than just sliding the knee sideways. They also weren't always bringing the second leg all the way under the arm. I think that's because it wasn't in the context of going for the crucifix, but specifically for this shoulder lock, where you switch the legs anyway.

Another problematic part was getting the angle on the arm. There it looks like the issue was people weren't bringing their head around far enough. The head should be in line with their bum, while the other knee is by their head, not too far from the first knee. That should then put you in the right spot to get the leverage you need when you 'dog leg'.

Next time, it will make more sense to perhaps show this one after I've shown a crucifix entry with the choke. Then I could show the crucifix armbar, and if I get some more experienced people, maybe the reverse omoplata again too. But yeah, quite complex for beginners (though it can be done, worked ok last time when I had a whole month of it), so needs plenty of build up. ;)

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