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08 January 2016

08/01/2016 - Teaching | Closed Guard | Omoplata (Shoulder Clamp)

Teaching #446
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 08/01/2016

Last time I taught the omoplata it was from double sleeve control. From the shoulder clamp, it starts the same way as the pressing armbar, shifting off to the side as you extend their arm. Again, it is important to push their head away and down, along with a tight control of their shoulder. Unlike the pressing armbar, you need to free your bottom leg: if that gets stuck, you can push with your free leg to slide it out (but be careful you don't ease up on their shoulder with your arms when doing that).

You may also find that as you bring your leg over their arm they start moving towards you, giving you the space to slide your leg out. As you leg comes over, make sure to bend their arm around your leg. Sit up immediately, reaching for their far hip: this should trap their bent arm between your hip and their side. If their hips are still up at this point they might be able to use that space to regain posture. Shift your hips away from them until you've knocked them flat (keep hold of their hip).

Point both your feet away from them, knees on the ground. You're now ready to thrust forwards slowly, aiming to tweak their shoulder for the submission. If you miss the submission or simply prefer top position, you can also turn that into a sweep, rolling them over your body. If you don't manage to control their hip or leg, they will roll through anyway. Keep control of the arm, then you should be able to end up on top.

If you miss it and they posture back up, turning towards you, swing your other leg into the side of their neck and swivel into a triangle. The omoplata combines well with the triangle, continuing the armbar-triangle-omoplata sequence.


Teaching Notes: I think this needs more work before I teach it again, so next time I'll stick with the double sleeve option. There were several points where people had trouble. First was freeing the leg without leaving too much space, then successfully bending their arm around your leg. Once the legs were in place, things got easier: emphasising that hip shift away helped I think, as they are pretty much done if you can flatten them out from there.

I've landed the omoplata off the shoulder clamp a few times in sparring, so I know it definitely works, but I want to have better answers for those problem areas. Hopefully I can get in a good bit of sparring from closed guard this month: depends what numbers are like. There's normally an influx due to New Year's resolution motivation, so hopefully we'll have some new training partners next week. ;)

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