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19 January 2016

19/01/2016 - Open Mat | Knee Cut Counters & Sitting Guard

Class #692
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 19/01/2016

I had a question about knee cut counters today, something I've been trying to work out myself. The first thing I try is from Ryan Hall's DVDs and I think something Mackenzei Dern mentions on BJJ Library: getting your foot into their hip to create some distance. You could also try reaching under the knee they're driving to drive to the mat and move it back across. This will be tough if they've already got their knee down and weight behind it, meaning it's more of an 'early' escape.

Matt mentioned another nifty option, which would be something you also try early on. Get a good reverse de la Riva hook, bringing the foot of the leg their trying to trap to curl around the outside of their leg. Mirror their grips, grabbing their opposite collar with your far hand, their sleeve with your near hand (I think? Need to play with it more at open mat, though it's also on Saulo's DVD as well as YouTube, from what Matt said). You can then lift them and sweep through to the top.

The counter I've been working on is from Jeff Rockwell's sit up escape system. This is a late escape and relies on timing. Your arm braces into their same side arm, on the near side (i.e., you'd be pushing into the arm further away from you). Immediately as they slide past your leg, walk your own legs away from them as you sit up, keeping your pushing arm straight. Timed right, you can sit up directly into side control.

Sparring with Matt was good, playing with open guard. He's been watching the Ryan Hall DVDs I like so much, as he's had the same problem with open guard as me. In terms of passing, I was grabbing his collar and getting an underhook as soon as I could: he was repeatedly trying to go for sweeps on that side, which is why I needed that underhook to keep control. At one point I managed a random sweep (or was this yesterday? Either way, it was with Matt) where I reached around his neck and grabbed the collar, using that to sweep. Not quite sure how I did it, but fun.

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More kettlebells with the Turkish get up again today too, especially as I essentially got a private lesson on the Turkish get up from David because the other regular didn't come along. Loads of great points, like angling your leg out more when you sit through on the way back down. That puts your body in a much stronger alignment. I've been sticking with the 12kg up until, but gave the 16kg a go. I can pump out a Turkish get up, not with some wobble though. The goal is to build up to 32kg over a long, long time. I don't know if I'll ever go that high: nevertheless, useful to have some kind of benchmark. :)

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