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01 March 2016

01/03/2016 - Open Mat | Kettlebells

Class #699
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 01/03/2016

I seem to have scraped off a large chunk of skin from my elbow, so decided to give sparring a rest today: hopefully grows back enough by tomorrow, or Friday. :)

That meant I wandered around helping people with technique, with tips on things like the leg drag, going over those lapel attacks from the last couple of weeks and randomly that mawashi grip I learned from Kev. In terms of my own training, the most useful part was kettlebells. Chris has been covering for David while he's away. He talks a lot less than David, focusing in on the lifting. Hence a tougher workout! Good to vary it up though. I learned the military press for the first time, as well as my first time swinging two bells simultaneously. I must remember to open my hand, in case the handles clash. Potentially very painful on the fingers!

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I'm not locking my arms out properly and my left arm failed on 20kg (though it wasn't far off, I should be able to make it next time), but I felt my cleans have been getting better too. I went with 12kg on the double swing, with a 16kg double swing as well. That will probably do for now, though I'm tempted to give 20kg a try.

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