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03 April 2016

03/04/2016 - Open Mat

Class #706
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Open Mat, Bristol, UK - 03/04/2016

I got in a few rolls with Paul, one of the more experienced blue belts at the club, which was cool. Again, I wanted to work on my open guard, trying to solidify my defence. I think I need to think more about my frames, as I tend to find I can get squished onto my neck sometimes underneath, twisting into positions I probably shouldn't. If I can get my legs in the way, generate a better frame, that will help. Like I was saying last time, single leg x and x guard would be worth a look. If I can combine that with what I already use (sitting guard and the tripod/sickle sweep, mainly, plus a bit of butterfly), I should be good to go.

I also need to be careful of picking up little knocks. I'm very lazy and risk averse, so anything getting knocked means I will tend to either sit out of sparring or just go very light. Today, that was jarring my elbow as I posted too hard on my arm in the middle of getting swept. The GrappleThon in London will be a good test of that, as I also need to make sure I don't try and get too physical, because my weedy little body isn't up to it, especially as I'm getting ever closer to 40. ;)

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