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11 April 2016

11/04/2016 - Open Mat | Leglocks & Running Escape

Class #711
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 11/04/2016

I've been keen to get in some extra training for a while, as I'm not getting as much drilling and sparring as I'd like. Today was the first attempt to fit in some more, meeting up with a few people before class. We went through the leglock I learned from Kev on Saturday, which was useful. Drilling that indicated the importance of keeping your thumb up, to make sure you're driving the blade of your arm into the calf muscle. Also, you can bring your knee inwards, which keeps their leg twisted and I think makes it easier to attack that calf.

Ross and Milka were particularly good people to do this with, as they have that interest in the intricacies of technique, which really helps me get the most out of drilling. We also ran through leglock defence, the part that interests me more. I think I'll need to check back with Kev on the 50/50 guard break, I'm not sure I got all the details.

I also had a play with the running escape tip from a Carter Fisk video too, which is basically just shrimp firmly into them before you turn. That turn out from the running escape is much easier and less strain on neck than the leg swing, so if this makes the difference, I'd much rather focus on the turn. I'll keep playing with it.

There isn't quite enough room for sparring, as we're squeezing in around other people and classes. However, my hope is that if we can get a regular, committed group together, then I can go ahead and book a long-term slot.

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