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17 April 2016

17/04/2016 - Open Mat | Drilling yesterday's seminar

Class #713
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 17/04/2016

I still had an injured wrist on Sunday. However, I could run through stuff from yesterday's seminar with Jamie Hughes (which I'm still writing up: bit behind on my notes). I wasn't quite sure on the triangle set up where they still have their hand in, so I must be doing something wrong on that. Also, I need to drill the swivelling through armbar from turtle some more, check the pictures I took perhaps.

On a totally different topic, when showing the standard cross choke from guard, how best to teach the specific arm position? It can be tricky, I still haven't yet worked out the ideal way to explain it. I generally just tell people that they shouldn't flare out their elbows, but that isn't always successful in terms of getting the student to understand exactly what I mean. Naturally having somebody else to demonstrate on is best, but that isn't always an option. Something to keep thinking about.

Rich had an interesting variation on the straight anklelock, where he squishes the foot from a belly down position. I'm not certain if that's legal, although it might be a referee's discretion kind of thing. Rich's argument was that it's the same as a normal straight anklelock, he's just doing it in reverse.

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