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07 June 2016

07/06/2016 - Open Mat | Deep Half Guard & Retaining Open Guard

Class #721
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 07/06/2016

Great open mat with Simon today, I got in lots of drilling and specific sparring in. We started with deep half guard, something I want to work on too. The difficulty from the bottom was sliding underneath into position, then moving their leg over without using loads of force. I need to imrpove my smoothness on that, need to get the leverage right, especially as I'm extra wary about my back now. Also, after the Homer pass it's probably easier to go into a single underhook, rather than crawling around the other side. There's the waiter sweep too, though I don't use that much, so I should give that more of a go. Especially as I want something for when I end up on the 'wrong' side for deep half. Rewatching the awesome Jeff Glover instructional would be a good plan too.

On top, I was mainly looking for that arm as usual. If they hide it, I was able to grab an elbow most of the time, especially if the other person is taller. At the same time, I had a go at chokes too. It's a little risky reaching through for the lower collar, as if you get your weight distribution wrong, they can roll you over. So, I need to be careful to have my weight heavy to the passing side, or they will roll you over the top. At same time, I want to keep the pass in mind, looking to free my leg.

Then we went into some open guard stuff. For passing, I like to crouch low, head behind the knees for good balance, then pressure and into knee cut. If you stand too high, I find that results in a lot of space for the bottom person to wriggle their legs around: the crouch made a big difference to my passing. On the bottom, I played a bit with spider guard type stuff to help Simon, then when free sparring later, had a play with more 'on your back' approaches.

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When we got into more free sparring, I was using a lot of stiff arm and Ryan Hall type open guard to recover position. Controlling their sleeve was great too when they're coming low, knock them over. Fun times. Kettlebells was good too, my back seems ok going with the 16kg. I'll see how it is tomorrow though. ;)

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