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12 June 2016

12/06/2016 - Open Mat | Half Guard Kimura & Quarter Guard Back Take

Class #722
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 12/06/2016

Really good open mat today, I got through everything I wanted to drill. That was two techniques, beginning with the kimura from the bottom of half guard, as I want to teach that on Wednesday. The kimura is not something I've ever used much in half guard, though I like it from closed guard, and I like the grip from everywhere. I had always thought that to kimura effectively from the half guard, you'd need to do it on the free leg side, in order to get that leg over the back and generate enough torque. I was wrong.

Researching it this week, there were two especially good sets of videos on this. The first was from my favourite online instruction site, BJJ Library. Xande shows how even if they are hiding their arm, as long as you can get the grip, you can still harvest that arm. He does it by scooting his hips towards them. Testing that today, it really works. The second set was by Andrew 'Goatfury' Smith, well known for his expertise in the kimura.

I've been aware of his excellent Hubpages sequence of tutorials, but until now I haven't looked in much depth at his half guard kimura. I'm glad I did, as there is loads there: exactly the place to go to refine my knowledge before I teach it. I stuck with the basic kimura he shows, but he also has advanced option on there, as well as a version from the top and a 're-kimura' defence. I've seen something like that rekimura before, which reminded me to try it today: I basically just grabbed my wrist and started pulling it through, which enabled me to escape.

For applying the kimura, Smith shows how you can grip their wrist and flare their elbow back with your other hand, folding the arm right into your kimura grip. I preferred doing this from the double paw, which seemed to work fairly well. If they pull their arm back, go for the sit-up sweep. If not, curl your hands in to prevent them straightening the arm (if they do straighten the arm, you might be able to wriggle into an armbar. I managed a pressing armbar off that today, but I ended up loosening my half guard a lot to do it, so that may not work against somebody wise to what I'm trying). Clamp the elbow to your chest, then you can torque for the kimura as usual.

I also had a play with something I saw regarding quarter guard, off a 10th Planet video. I am generally very wary of 10th Planet videos, as there is a huge amount of crap out there. However, this one looked ok, and did seem to work, although I may have modified it. As your partner is trying to knee cut through your half guard, maintain control on their lower leg. From the kickstand, switch your outside foot so that it is hooking under your inside foot, as well as their leg (so, into a sort of mini-lockdown). This mini-lockdown is the part I'm not sure they were doing in the video, but it feels like it would be way too lose without that lock.

You can then kick their leg back to take out their base. Bring your outside foot over their leg and turn, reaching for their far foot. If you grab that, you can progress into a toe grab sweep, coming on top for side control.

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