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14 June 2016

14/06/2016 - Open Mat | Half Guard

Class #723
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 14/06/2016

Today I worked on half guard with Mike, as he was looking to improve his retention on the bottom. I therefore played with flattening out on top, along with escaping the lockdown by pulling my heel back. On the bottom, I thought that the outside lockdown might be something he could try, as that's easy to apply off the kickstand half guard. However, I had a fairly easy time looping my leg out of it: is it not as strong as the inside lockdown? I'll have a play with that outside lockdown myself,

Another thing I thought might work for Mike was stuffing the arm and jump into a triangle. He mentioned he found that people sometimes blocked his guard recovery by putting their arm in the way. If you grab their wrist and stiff-arm, that seemed like it would flow nicely into a triangle set up. Then again, that might depend on your leg dexterity and flexibility, maybe leg length too. I'll be interested to hear if it helps him over this month.

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