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23 June 2016

23/06/2016 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2016 | Armbars from Closed Guard (Chris Haueter)

Class #735
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Chris Haueter, Leuven, Belgium, 23/06/2016

Haueter's second class was a considerable contrast to the first. Lots of technique, tightly focused with cool details. That was particularly useful for me today, as I was going to miss most of Thursday's lessons due to an art gallery trip. He kicked off once again by emphasising the importance of controlling the hands, head and hips.

Haueter then described his perfect armbar, where he pointed out that as you bring your heels down, your hips should extend, not collapse (a common white belt problem). He also angled out his leg by the head, like that old DVD from Adam Adshead (thighmaster style, to use Haueter's analogy). You also want to cling on, as if you were climbing a tall pole, where letting go would mean you fall to your doom.

In his lesson plan, he had four variations in mind. First, the step by step, method armbar. Control the wrists (harking back to the hands, head, hips approach). Reach over the arms, keeping your arm pressing into theirs arms. Hook their elbow, pulling the hand to your ear, also bringing your ear to their hand. Next, hook your opposite hand around their shoulder to anchor into their armpit. Pull them down. Then, climb your legs up, quickly, getting a leg over the shoulder. Maintaining the tension (so they can't pull their arm free), reach your leg over their head. This was then perfectly condensed into pull, hook, climb, reach, armbar.

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Second up, he began by commenting on three different postures: passing (upright), neutral (slightly forward) and safety (head in stomach), in order to determine how to drill. We were to go from neutral posture, for the purposes of practicing that technique. He also talked about the 'ABC' of closed guard, which is 'always be choking'. A second armbar followed, referred to as the 'look ma, no hands' armbar. Just keep climbing until you get to the armbar position. Again, cling on like it's a tall pole you can't afford to fall off.

That leads into the swinging armbar, intended as a drill. Simply swing yourself around to go into an armbar from side to side. It might happen in sparring, but it's unlikely. Up next was the 'flash armbar', that goes from zero straight into the armbar. That's like the one Rickson showed at his Glasgow seminar several years ago. You lift directly into the armbar, grabbing the arm, then using that to help swing your legs right up into place.

Then there was the cool one, which I've since been calling the Humiliation Armbar. For this one, from a double sleeve grip you cross their arms over, then fling your legs up by their shoulders to clamp in place. Squeeze your legs really right, then you can armbar by pushing/pulling on either wrist.

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