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26 June 2016

26/06/2016 - Open Mat | Knee Shield Pass

Class #747
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 26/06/2016

Today I tried out stuff from the from the Nathan Adamson private. I wasn't sure about straightening the arm, and if I should be using both arms? Though as I come to write this almost a month later, having written up the Adamson private, I think I was actually using the version David Morcegao showed me. I should give the Adamson version a go too, at open mat some time. Either way, fun to play with, and Sam is the perfect person for drilling it (given he is good at knee shield).

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I tried to put into practice a lower ego sparring method. If I'm feeling like I'm straining and using lots of force, I want to just stop and let it go. Also, pausing to see what they are going to do, try and learn from a situation. It became interesting, because as Sam said he has a sore back and neck, I was trying not to crunch his spine or put strain on his neck through collar grips. Those passes are tough without collar grips!

Interesting discussion with Sam about that, the whole ego thing, how it can affect your training. I think I should re-emphasise in class that sparring is not a competition and it doesn't matter who taps who. Not that it will necessarily sink in for people, but worth saying repeatedly each time. Maybe make it a quick regular thing before free sparring, some snappy, memorable phrase?

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