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05 July 2016

05/07/2016 - Open Mat | De la Riva pass to Mount

Class #750
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 28/06/2016

I went with an Adamson pass again today, though I'm not sure I actually drilled this this one properly during camp anyway. For the first one, you have to lock down the hip to get this to work. If they manage to shrimp away, it's really tough to finish. Then again, does it naturally open up passes to side control, as they have to shrimp to stop this one? Something to play with more.

I'm considering teaching this at the end of the month, but it depends on what material comes out of the UK BJJ Globetrotter Camp and Ana's seminar. It's really cool to have so much material to choose from, which I can mix into the stuff I've been teaching for the last five years. Great way to keep things fresh and add in new details. I love BJJ Globetrotter camps! :D

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